Sheikh Mohammed Hussien Al-Amoudi chair for Breast Cancer

Word From the CEO

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Scientific Research is the main backbone of the progress in all life aspects. From this view of point, KAAU focused on every feature that will add to pushing the scientific research wheel of progress . As a result, the chairs project of scientific research  is one of the leading projects that is supported by the privet sector. The Breast Cancer Scientific Reseach Chair is a leading project specialized in the top sort of cancer that infects women especially in our country which is breast cancer.  The problem we face that two third of the cases we receive is already in a developed stage of  the disease, which makes the rate of cure rises negatively. This would be an overweight  to country resources because treating advanced cases will require a higher cost.

Due to the previous reasons, doing researches became an important move to recognize the best facilities to fight this disease ( Breast cancer ).  Also, because scientific research budget requires special resources ,The  Research and Consulting Institute in KAAU have made contracts with the privet sector  as part of serving the scientific research and the community. Those chairs were sponsored by the privet sector businessmen.

God blessed us by a man who realized the real meaning of investing with Allah Almighty, who gave us unlimited support to create this chair and many others of the research chairs, Sheikh Mohammed Hussien Al-Amoudi. We appreciate his support by praying for him that all his efforts become a higher gain for him in Allah’s well.

At this site, we provide a summery about the breast cancer chair and its goals and activities since its establishment at  November 2008. We look forward for this scientific chair to achieve its aims and apply its research outcome that will change the map of medicine as we hope.

Dr. Samia Al-Amoudi



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