Sheikh Mohammed Hussien Al-Amoudi chair for Breast Cancer


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مركز الشيخ محمد حسين العمودي للتميز في رعاية سرطان الثدي



The Owners-Educators committee is a group of Saudi women who realized that investing in human capital, albeit the most complicated of investments, is the best in terms of return, because the end product is young women who have Islam at the heart of their belief and conduct, and Arabic as not only a language, but a culture and a science and a vehicle of personal and social growth.

They have a singular vision for united educational institutions in which thought, effort, time and quality are invested in to stand up to each and every educational challenge.

They work towards a cumulus of human and technological services and to manage human investment as a way to reach world-class status in education, while preserving the nation’s heritage and fulfilling the needs of the nation with quality services.

Their message is to unite and join educational efforts to induce a quantum leap in private education so as to enable it to interact with globalization while maintaining our national identity. 



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